Mobile Cooking

Minutes ago I was on the IRC and a subject came up: [22:32] * otherbird wonders what it is about fast days that makes her suddenly really really hungry [22:33] |otherbird| most people I know don’t observe this one, but unfortunately (for me) my landlady does [22:33] |otherbird| it’d be really rude to suddenly start […]

Google/Yahoo/SE improvement suggestion

This weekend I’ve been researching some subjects on google and I noticed the amount of garbage coming in the first pages due to old content. Of course, this problem is not exclusive on google. It happens with Yahoo! and the other Search Engines. Charts comparing softwares or programming languages or whatever. Discussions on email lists, […]

New Blog!

Finally I’ve taken some time to install wordpress and start my own blog again. The main focus is to have my own place where I can talk about anything and put links to interesting people/articles/talks/whatever. See the links on the right menu, there are many great talks about many different subjects. I encourage you to […]

Quanto vale um programador PHP?

Este post tem como foco os profissionais que trabalham com PHP. Este assunto é algo que sempre esteve presente na minha vida profissional e provavelmente na da maioria de vocês. Quanto realmente vale um programador PHP? Quantos de vocês já compararam seus salários com programadores Java? A discrepância, na grande maioria dos casos, é enorme! […]