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Mobile Cooking

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Minutes ago I was on the IRC and a subject came up:

[22:32] * otherbird wonders what it is about fast days that makes her suddenly really really hungry

[22:33] |otherbird| most people I know don’t observe this one, but unfortunately (for me) my landlady does

[22:33] |otherbird| it’d be really rude to suddenly start cooking :\

[22:35] |lig| sandwich++ # no cooking involved

[22:36] |otherbird| d’you think I didn’t already? 🙂

[22:36] |silvano| I cook using my phone 😀

[22:36] |lig| 😀 – I are smart

[22:36] |lig| chinese or pizza?

[22:36] |silvano| both

[22:37] |andrei| silvano, that’s some powerful radiation

[22:37] |silvano| heh

[22:37] |scoates| mmmmmm general tao pepperoni chowza

[22:37] |Rasmus| you could just use it to stir

[22:38] |silvano| wasnt here that I read people talking about cellphones exploding?

[22:39] |silvano| I dont think so… nevermind 😛

[22:39] |zzzbird| 🙂

Then I did a search on google for ‘cooking cellphone’ and what a surprise…

[22:40] |silvano| hah ->

[22:41] |silvano| “Note: We cooked our egg during the evening using free local calls, if you were to cook an egg for lunch it would cost ?3.00 – not cheap but you do have the convenience.”

Hell… they teach you how to cook an egg using cellphones!!! ahaha

Please try it and let me know if it works! 😛 Thanks!