What’s not cool about iGoogle

I live in Brazil in a city called Florianópolis. My town is in the Santa Catarina state… I tried months ago to use the iGoogle (http://www.google.com.br/ig) and went to search for my town on the weather box. Guess what? I haven’t found ANY single city from this state in there. Cool huh?

iGoogle weather
I sent them emails talking about it… no response. Obvious.

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  1. FYI Says:

    Speaking of Google, perhaps it’s time to admit that the emperor is buck naked? Google is no longer an asset to small business. It’s digressed into a black box designed to extract as much money as possible from small business while giving back as little value as possible. This piece explains why Adwords is something to be skeptical about: “Why Google Adwords is Not Helpful to Small Business” http://smartstartup.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/07/a-fable-doing-b.html

  2. Douglas Says:

    Nintendo Wii’s weather channel has got the same problem. No Santa Catarina.

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